We believe…

We are what we eat.

Every bit of our bodies are made up of the food we eat. It kind of blows our minds. So yes, what we eat matters.

We know…

We eat what’s available.

Study after study demonstrates that our “food environment” (aka our refrigerator, countertops and pantry) is one of the most powerful determinants of our food choices. Better options = better choices.

We endeavor…

What We Eat makes eating well a delicious and natural choice. Led by a nutritionist and powered by a team of professionally trained chefs, we have perfected the balance between healthy and undeniably good.

We help our private clients make better food choices by upgrading their options. We source, deliver, stock and prepare high-quality, seasonal meals. 

We bring this same ethos to a wider audience with our small batch better-for-you products. Our granola has been tested and approved by our discerning clientele. 

With small event catering, we let our hair down. Vegetables, whole grains and top notch proteins still take center stage but part of living well is allowing for indulgence. We get it. 

We serve…

What We Eat’s customers are health-conscious, value their environments and love to eat good, healthy food but for many reasons (hello, time!) would rather outsource the steps to getting it into their homes and/or onto their plates.

This is where the What We Eat team comes in.