Let’s meet! Either in person or over the phone, we’ll…

  • Discuss your needs. Every family, office and individual we service has different needs and preferences. We customize our services to you.
  • Discuss dietary restrictions, likes and dislikes. The more we learn about how you like to eat, the better we’ll be at making it happen!
  • Discuss service options.
    • Private chef work
      • Would you like us to prepare four meals weekly over the course of one on-site visit? Or would you like us to prepare just one meal twice a week? We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.
    • Weekly grocery delivery and fridge/pantry/countertop organization
      • We will develop a custom shopping list that you can update/edit weekly based on your needs (great for things like milk, bread, etc.)
    • Snack prep
      • Cut fruit and/or vegetables
      • Prepped breakfast options (ex. chia seed breakfast pudding, overnight oats, frozen smoothie packs, homemade granola, etc.)
      • Prepped lunch options (ex. grain salads, prepped vegetables, etc.)
    • Kitchen cleanse
      • We’ll review all of the food in your kitchen, from pantry to freezer, tossing a few things as we go. We’ll then reorganize items so your kitchen has a better flow and so that making healthy choices feels a little bit easier.
  • Agree on a services plan.
    • After we discuss your options, we’ll propose a weekly services plan. You can take time to look it over and then let us know when you’re ready to get started.

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