When we’re not cooking for our clients, we bake granola in small batches in Brooklyn, New York. We know that world domination doesn’t happen overnight so our granola is our way of extending what we do to the masses.

Our Salty Sweet Olive Oil Granola…

.. is fun to eat. Think high nut-to-oat ratio and big chunks of all the good stuff. A healthy dose of dates and coconut flakes provide natural sweetness, while sesame seeds and a deep toast add character and depth. It’s like classic granola, but better.

… keep you feeling fuller longer. All those nuts deliver plenty of protein and healthy fat for sustained energy. It has to get us through our long days of cooking for clients after all!

… hits the salty-sweet spot. Super toasty-flaky-goodness combined with just the right dose of salty-sweet.

… is made with love (and only the best ingredients). We hand-make our granola with olive oil, natural sweeteners (not too much!) and the best oats, nuts, seeds, dates and coconut flakes we can find. Say hello to good vibes and goodbye to empty calories and sugar crashes!

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