Charlotte’s dedication to family and home cooking sprouted in Chicago, where she was born and raised. Later she ventured to the Colorado Rockies to get a BA in Film Studies and Writing at the University of Colorado in Boulder and quickly became immersed in the city’s farm-to-table, organic-centric food culture. She celebrated the kale and granola movement and wound up experimenting with healthy, approachable meals for the adventurous kids she looked after between classes.

That foodie-enthusiasm transported her to NYC, where she started her culinary career as a private cooking instructor’s assistant and kitchen assistant at the growing food journalism website,, all-the-while realizing that cooking for families in their homes was what she enjoys most. She was drawn to WWE for the opportunity to cook on a more intimate level. Her experience as a child caregiver makes her a great candidate for the picky eaters in the family. We’re confident she’ll have your kids begging for Brussels sprouts in no time.

Favorite foods to cook: Spaghetti and Meatballs. Charlotte loves putting a spin on the meals everyone remembers from childhood and who can resist a good-tasting meatball? 

Last meal: Chicken tortilla soup with crunchy tortilla strips and a dollop of sour cream to offset the kick, Laura’s roasted carrot salad with avocado, cilantro sprigs, toasted pepitas and a squeeze of lime.

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