Kristina joined What We Eat in 2015 and has never looked back. As someone who is passionate about wholesome, seasonal ingredients as well as their environmental and health implications, she is a happy proponent of all that What We Eat aims to accomplish. Kristina believes that food should serve as sustenance as well as a nourishing and satisfying experience. In her free time, she hosts elaborate dinner parties out of her Brooklyn kitchen for family and friends.

Kristina has a Bachelor of Science in Food Studies from the New School of Public Engagement as well as a culinary degree from the International Culinary Center in California. Her most valuable experiences have been garnered from her culinary travels through cities and countries around the world. She loves to draw inspiration from different cultural influences and is constantly on the lookout for new foods to try. 

Favorite foods to cook: Seafood. Feast of the Seven Fishes? Forget it! Last Christmas, Kristina famously doubled the traditional holiday feast with a family celebration of the Feast of Fourteen Fishes during her “time off.”

Last meal: Seafood bouillabaisse enjoyed with friends on her rooftop during sunset (although she wouldn’t turn her nose up to a big old pot of crab legs).

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