• "I live to eat and I love to cook but now as a full-time working mother, I can’t seem to find the time to prepare dinner without sacrificing the few free hours I have each evening to spend with my son. Laura and her team have provided me with the best alternative possible – several healthy and delicious meals prepared each week, catered to my family’s specific likes and dislikes. Laura and her team are exceptionally professional – they are organized, attentive, and communicative – but the real art is in their ability to use nutritious ingredients without sacrificing the flavor profile. I am a very happy What We Eat customer and I look forward to many more of their seasonal creations!"

    - Aly Lovett, Principal at FTV Capital

  • "Laura has made meal times with our kids such a joy! Our son is on a very limited diet, and Laura has used her expertise to create some wonderful alternatives for him, that we’ve all come to enjoy as a family. Not only are we in good hands nutritionally, but the recipes are truly delicious! Our fridge is always neatly packed with labeled meals and snacks…and the kids are thrilled with super healthy yummy treats! It’s always a pleasure to have Laura and her team at home, they are really lovely, and also very professional. Absolute perfection!"

    - Chantal Sweeney

  • "My life and business essentially break down into two categories: Before Laura, and after Laura. It is so hard to put into words the impact of life "after Laura" because what she does is such a huge part of my life now.  Her creative no fuss approach to cooking and nutrition has impacted everything, from the way I feel in the morning to how my company operates. Laura's food is both delicious and health, which I have founds leads to more energy and more productivity in the workplace. She and her staff are also so fun and engaging, there is a lightness to the experience that gives my staff something to enjoy and talk about outside of the daily grind. So what more can I say, I eat the best food of my week for lunch and I am in the best shape of my life, and she is a joy to work with."

    - Billy Cotton, Creative Director/Owner of Billy Cotton Design Firm

  • "We have had the pleasure of having Laura and her delicious food in our lives for three months now and it has had an incredibly positive impact on both my health and stress levels. I love to cook and really care about the food we eat, but both my husband and I have demanding careers as well as a kid. In New York, the stress of buying the right food and making sure your family is eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is really hard. Laura helps me organize kitchen/pantry in addition to cooking four incredible meals and snacks for us every week. The value of her delicious, ever-changing menus and savvy shopping style goes such a long way. I realize now how much money we used to waste on impulsive grocery shopping and last minute take out- all for food that you don't even enjoy a lot of the time. Laura's meals are always satisfying and made with intense love and attention to detail- she has mastered the perfect balance of healthy and tasty. The meals are exactly what you want- fresh, local and organic ingredients, bright creative salads and flavorful meats and grains. We almost always have great leftovers that we eat throughout the week for lunch as well. I could go on and on...what seemed like a luxury is actually the most practical decision we ever made."

    - Georgie Greville Jasper, Co-founder/ Creative Director of Milk Makeup